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IIBA Toronto Peer-To-Peer Program Fall 2021 - Cohort 1

  • 06 Oct 2021
  • 9:00 AM
  • 27 Nov 2021
  • 9:00 PM
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IIBA Toronto Coaching Program

Fall 2021

Competency Peer-To-Peer Coaching

Using Just-In-Time Micro-Learning +/-

Jobs To Be Done Models

- We gave up trying to craft a shorter title -

The 3 gears of the Fall 2021 Competency Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Learning Program

We recognize that the models and principles of coaching are similar to competencies required for successful career development.


Connecting, collaborating, and cooperating are critically important to the workplace and product today. Socializing and networking for mental health and career development is an art form in relationship we all need.


Nothing brings the competencies expressed in coaching principles and models together with connecting, collaborating and networking like the principles and actions of just-in-time micro-learning and jobs-to-be-done for one's own benefit. 

We have combined the above three foundational gears

into an interactive 8 week program presented by

IIBA Toronto | Coaching Program. 

The 8 Weeks Coaching Program
runs Oct-4 to Nov-28


  • You sign up.
  • Part 1  -  You receive a digital toolkit within a day which starts everything. Discovery and Goal Setting can take two weeks to complete. Discovery covers Parts 1, 2, and 3.
  • Part 2  -  You with your Program Coach, build what you need guided by coaching models and principles and your next important thing. See section below for ideas what you can work on this fall, combine it with the BABOK or CPOA/AAC study groups, or ask us at - president@iibatoronto.org
  • Part 3  -  You connect with others to support your undertaking or partner with you.
  • Part 4  -  You reconnect with your goals, making adjustments, reestablishing your awareness, accountability, and action.
  • Part 5  -  You execute what you set out to achieve in your micro-learning and or jobs-to-be-done. With your peer-to-peer coaches or actual workplace coaches, you get feedback and learn. You grow your competencies.
  • Part 6  -  You participate and contribute with your support team or collaboration team. You share your accountability to yourself. You attend the six sessions covering the principles and models for coaching and for jobs to be done.
  • Part 7  -  You participate in the 28 Day Challenge to grow your competencies developing a healthy corporate persona.
  • Part 8  -  We acknowledge our effort, learning, competencies with completed tasks and delivery, recognition, a certificate and badges.

When you sign up you get to participate in
The 28 Day Challenge

The Coaching Program Opportunity

  • Do you need to learn something? Now?
  • Time passes on and you haven't closed gaps in your knowledge - still!
  • How about practicing a new skill and receive feedback from qualified practitioners while you build a shared understanding?
  • Maybe connect with others who have similar roles and experiences?
  • While learning, connect with someone for a deeper understanding
  • Learn using Udemy or its competitor, Khan Academy for statistics and probability, MOOC, University of Toronto, or others, and connect with fellow business analysis practitioners for a deeper learning.
  • Start connecting and use peer-to-peer coaching to support one another
  • Learn principles and models of coaching and setup your own in-house coaching using 70-20-10%, blended learning, 30-60-90 days, feedback and learn, while participating in the IIBA Toronto Coaching Program
  • You joined the chapter to identify with IIBA, other business analysis practitioners, close gaps and open opportunities - so do it!
  • You joined IIBA Toronto to connect - the rest you manage successfully - so use the Coaching Program in a pandemic to meet, share, and be healthy
  • Been doing your role successfully for some years now, then research online and with others to develop a shared understanding of what is new and evolving.
  • Take your learning and what you accomplished, and share it with others. We will provide the forum and opportunity to share.

The Coaching Program 8 Parts

The Fall 2021 Coaching Program has the following 8 parts:

  1. Discovery and Smart Goals
  2. Coaching Models
  3. Connect and Collaborate
  4. Awareness Accountability and Action
  5. Feedback and Learn
  6. Weekly Workshops on Coaching Principles and Models
  7. 28 Day Challenge
  8. Badge, Certificate, Recognition and Delivery

Discovery and Smart Goals – We have a handful of tools to assist you along the journey of discovering what is your next Just In Time micro-learning experience. Using SMART Goals or what your method, turn what you discovered into an actionable set of goals and measure able objectives.

A core consideration once you discover what is next, what coaching models will you use, and how will you connect and collaborate with others on your micro journey to delivery.

You will be provided tools for discovering what you can do and how to set it up.

Coaching Models – We provide and use multiple coaching models, such as coach led, peer-to-peer coaching, manager led coaching, or a blend of the coaching models. Know where your coaching resources are and when to use them.

Connect and Collaborate – Part of the coaching models is knowing when to connect and when to collaborate with other and for what purpose. Each coaching model provides connection and collaboration opportunities. Over time this creates networks and allows you to demonstrate your value to yourself and others as you continue to grow your value.  

Awareness Accountability and Action – Another component of the coaching models is to develop an awareness and accountability to yourself and to those with whom you have connected and collaborated with.

Feedback and Learn – We use the 8 Step Blended Learning Model to start your micro-learning engagement. The JIT Micro-Learning model is likely the most common model we all use. How many times recently have you gone online to learn, read or understand something? The Feedback and Learn Model is one of the core models now employed in almost all solution environments and for all development and design methodologies.

Weekly Workshops on Coaching Principles and Models
We have a five part workshop on Coaching which we will deliver in the Speaker Series events and Weekly Chat events. They will be delivered twice throughout the fall.

28 Day Challenge – We all need some gaming and a challenge to spice life up a bit and to better understand the coaching skills and how they will add to the quality of our work in various ways. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the 28 Day Challenge. You will receive the Coaching Experience Action List for you to complete in the 28 consecutive day period. All 28 Days Challenges start of each Monday between October 4 and November 22. The last start date will complete on December 17.

Badge, Certificate, Recognition and Delivery – We will recognize you upon completion. So will others when we post it on LinkedIn.. You will receive a badge for participating in the Fall 2021 Coach Program cohort, as well as a certificate of completion.

The Coaching Program Highlights

  • Do you want to learn about coaching?
  • Do you want to connect?
  • Do you want to learn? Complete something?

Register and Discover

  • Do you have a need?
  • Do you have a focus?
  • Use our on-boarding tools to discover and decide
  • Review with a coach
  • Set goals, objectives and accountability
  • Determine what resources you need to complete your goals
  • Arrange for the resources to be setup

Take action

  • Accountability and Consistency
  • Collaborate and Cooperate
  • Connect regularly
  • Experiment, feedback and learn
  • Use your support
  • Learn and understand
  • Connect and develop shared understanding
  • Live healthy in Covid

Reflect, Learn, and Grow

  • Hypothesize, Change, Persevere, Grow, Adapt, Innovate
  • Vision, Plan, Processes, Measure, Time

With The Coaching Program You Will...

  1. Deliver
  2. Use, improve and apply coaching principles and models in your work and other areas of your life.
  3. Grow skills in just in time (JIT) micro-learning
  4. Connect, collaborate, and network
  5. Be recognized

Payment Policy

The IIBA Toronto Coaching Program (Program) fees must be paid upon registration in the Program prior to attending. Pricing, registration terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

IIBA Toronto Chapter reserves the right to make changes to the Program described or to cancel the Program at any time without notice or liability. The Chapter's sole liability will be limited to the refund of registration fees paid in respect of the workshop and the Chapter shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever. The Chapter will endeavor to give enrollees as much advance notice as possible of any change to the Program or registrant’s enrollment.

Registration Fee

The registration fee covers participation only.

Refund Policy

Cancellations are not allowed in this Program as it begins when you signup; however, substitutions will be permitted. It is up to the registrant to find and arrange a substitute. The Chapter will process the substitution by changing the registrant name but is not responsible for any financial transactions between the registrants.

No refunds will be issued. If a registrant does not participate in the Program and has not given adequate notification, it will result in full forfeiture of the registration fee.

If you are unable to attend the Program, or have comments or questions, please contact  president@iibatoronto.org.

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